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We don’t actually believe in stuffing stories into specific categories. They are what they are. However, that’s not particularly helpful for those of you in the mood for one thing or another. So here’s a rough road map to our stories, using labels cribbed from songs we like:


Won’t you let me walk you home from school

stories about romantic love, from start to finish
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When I get older, I will be stronger

stories about coming of age
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Run fast for your mother and fast for your father

stories about family, in all its complicated glory
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What the hell am I doing here

stories about folks too cool for the mainstream
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Is this just fantasy?

stories set in other worlds … or possibly this one
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A long, long time ago

stories set in other times
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Right here right now

stories dealing with the present day
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Do you believe in rock and roll

stories about music
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Take only what you need

stories about nature and the environment
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