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Bella’s Bookshelves is a site run by Steph VanderMeulen, a stalwart promoter of authors, publishers, indie bookshops, and Canadian literature in particular. As well as book reviews, Steph posts about book news, issues, and literary tidbits she finds interesting.


Reviews by Andrew Wilmot: freelance writer, editor, publisher, artist, musician, film geek, book nerd, and all points in between.


Homebase for Alessandra Ferreri, The Book Stylist is a hub for ideas, advice, and recommendations for that next great literary escape! With reviews styled around dust jackets & french flaps, drawing inspiration from both colour and content. Covering (pun intended) any and all books, but with a soft spot for CanLit.


Sometimes musings about an individual’s experience of reading. Sometimes close readings of individual short stories. More often reviews, occasional read-a-longs. Sometimes reading on a theme. Sometimes eclectic choices. Plenty of bookchat, no ads. Dependable overuse of –ish and a predilection for reading Canlit. Always Buried.In.Print.


Salty Ink is the brainchild of Chad Pelley, an award-winning writer from Newfoundland. Its mandate is to promote Fresh New Canadian Fiction & Poetry, irrespective of hype, and with a soft spot for the Atlantic region. It aims to do less opinionated reviews, and more interactive features — samples from books, author interviews, fun features and competitions, etc.


“Steven W. Beattie … may be the most cantankerous book blogger on the Internet. He may also be the smartest.” – CBC Books

“One of Canada’s last great critics.” – Chad Pelley, Salty Ink

“In an age when mainstream and online books coverage has increasingly skewed toward the short, the punchy, and the glib, Steven Beattie, creator and curator of the literary blog That Shakespearean Rag, has remained defiantly thoughtful, critical, and … literary. He uses big words occasionally. He expects his readers to have read a book or two in their pasts. He’s even critical of the way other media cover books. Don’t be afraid: his blog is a great read.” – Torontoist