There are stories everywhere.

At Found Press, we know that everyone has a story to tell. And just as we should value individuality in ourselves and our peers, so too should our stories be unique and varied. That is why we steadfastly avoid setting strict parameters for our submissions. If Hemingway proved that one can create compelling literature in as few as six words, who are we to disagree? In magazines, anthologies, newspapers, journals, and various online media, great writers are constantly expressing groundbreaking ideas and spinning engrossing narratives in only a few thousand words. When the quality is there, the label “short” doesn’t signify. Found Press is a place where size really doesn’t matter.

Some of the world’s best writing has been dubbed “short”; yet too often, short fiction and literary non-fiction are underrepresented in bookstores and are difficult to find. Short-story cycles provide a valuable medium, and we would never deny their importance, but some short literary works are complete unto themselves and should stand alone. So how do we give these stories the independence they deserve?

The answer: create a new publishing model—a new way of distributing short stories. We knew it would be ambitious, but we felt we had to give it a shot.

Imagine an online literary journal that makes each work within it available for individual purchase. In the same way that music lovers can sample and download singles from an album through websites and Internet music stores, readers will now have the freedom to preview and enjoy our stories and authors at their leisure, accessing them via a variety of online bookstores. Found Press publications will be versatile, and readers will have the option of reading on their computer, e-reader, or smartphone.

We’ve kept our lists short. Not only does this allow us to maintain the highest standards of writing, it also lets us promote each of our authors individually. We feel that short-story writers deserve just as much recognition as authors of full-length books, so we include “About the Author” pages in each of our stories instead of the blurbs that appear at the end of some journals and anthologies.

There are sure to be many interesting twists and turns awaiting us in the coming months and years. The Internet and e-book technology provide us with a world of possibilities, and we can’t wait to explore them. It is our goal to make use of the technology available to us, but not to be ruled by it. The focus is, and will always remain, the story.

What’s yours?