3 Reasons to Subscribe to FP Quarterly

Here at Found Press headquarters we’ve been working on some exciting new developments, and now the time has come to share them with you, our faithful readers.

First, the FP store is up and running! So for all you procrastinators out there who haven’t yet downloaded your copy of The Moment We Came Alive, there are now even more ways for you to get it.

Second, you can now subscribe to FP Quarterly. Just sign up once, and for an entire year get great literature sent directly to your inbox. Wondering if an FP Quarterly subscription is the thing for you? Here are 3 reasons why we think you should subscribe today.

  1. It’s easy. We’ll email you directly when a new quarterly is released, and with one click you’ll have the newest issue of FPQ downloaded right to your desktop or e-reading device.
  2. It’s cheap. For only $13 a year, you get 16 fantastic short stories. That’s 15% off the price of 4 quarterlies, and almost 20% off 16 individual stories.
  3. It’s good reading. Found Press is dedicated to bringing you the best writing possible, one short story at a time. In our collections, you’ll find tried and true authors and discover new favourites. And the best part is, with the versatility of the e-book format, you can read these great stories anytime, anywhere.

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