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Scuzzy Love
by Curtis Snider

A woman wakes up in bed beside her ex-boyfriend and is at loss to explain how she got there. Inexplicably drawn to stay, she scours every square inch of the apartment they used to share, noting the traces of her presence that linger on, as well as the empty spots that conspicuously mark her absence. The deeper she digs, the more she understands how imperfect her relationship was – and the less willing she is to come up for air. Read Excerpt

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by Naomi K. Lewis

As a boy, Timmy (Sir Timothy Brian F. the Fantabulous) tells tall, tragic tales to get attention from the adults in his life - particular his busy mother and Dr. Bass, his nerdy-cool neighbour. As a young man, his escalating lies destroy his relationships, alienate his loved ones, and land him in hot water with police. But that doesn’t stop him from crying wolf again and again. Read Excerpt

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by Suad Ali

Noor, living in Dubai with her Canadian boyfriend, is caught between two worlds. Over the course of several conversations – really, lectures - regarding Peter’s thoughts on her culture, Noor’s mind wanders to the family she left behind, remembering the ideas about women and modesty that were impressed upon her from a young age. Reflecting on the contradictions inherent in all cultures, Noor decides to take her life in her own hands in a surprising way. Read Excerpt

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Everything Must Go
by Jeff Dupuis

A man in the throes of a breakup is selling all of his possessions on Kijiji and Craigslist. Greg’s couch, his VHS tapes, obsolete desktop computer, and cow-shaped clock – it all must go. Between pot smoking, pizza eating, and watching Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope, he meets with would-be buyers, taking his old life apart piece by discount piece in order to figure out what went wrong. Read Excerpt

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Soprano, The
by Kayt Burgess

When Blanche first began singing, she was humble, eager, willing to work, willing to learn. Now she is headstrong, condescending, unprofessional, and just a tiny bit full of herself. She is also the closest to genius that Antoinette, her accompanist, may ever have a chance to work with. Read Excerpt

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All the New Things (April 2014)
New releases! A long-awaited collection! A free story! A giveaway! Flash fiction!


Fiction from Friends

17 Nov Stayed up until morning arguing about whether to destroy our soul machine. Francis Moss, city-born, rich and slender, is adamant the visual projection is harmless and besides only an estimate. Isaac Tsakos sulks. Empty Narragansett keep his knees company. His soul projected from the machine appears as a hermit [...]
Tue, Apr 15, 2014
Source: Paper Darts


ShortLitCrit Reviews & Commentary

1. Maybe you miss someone even more when you can’t figure out what your relationship was. Or when it seemed unfinished. – “The Seals,” Lydia Davis On this date five years ago, my friend and colleague Derek Weiler died as a result of a congenital heart condition. His death came as a shock [...]
Sat, Apr 12, 2014
Source: That Shakespearean Rag